SI System in Finland

Finland has a slightly distributed metrology infrastructure. MIKES is the National Metrology Institute of Finland and it acts as the National Standards Laboratory for most of the quantities. MIKES designates other National Standards Laboratories and Contract Laboratories and supervises their activities. The National Standards Laboratories are responsible for maintaining of national standards and their traceability to SI units. The Finnish national standards system is based on the Law No. 1156/1993, and the Decree No. 972/1994. MIKES is a part of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

SI Finland.JPG 

Figure 1. National measurement standards system in Finland. Aalto = MIKES-Aalto Metrology Research Institute, SYKE = Finnish Environment Institute, FMI = Finnish Meteorological Institute, STUK = Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, NLS = National Land Survey of Finland, and FGI = Finnish Geospatial Research Institute.

More information on other National Standards Laboratories and Contract Laboratories: