WRITE: Precision time for industry

wriite-logo-trans.png​2018–2021      A new time transfer technique for industrial applications

From 5G telecommunication operators to air pollution monitoring stations and self-driving cars, there is a growing need for networks that reliably distribute accurate time and frequency.

Project develops methods and devices to ensure that time and frequency are precisely matched across diverse sites and networks.

Project actions:Write_cut.jpg
WP1: Scalable calibration techniques
WP2: Resilient and redundant time transfer
WP3: Improving performances of White Rabbit (WR)
WP4: WR UTC time and frequency distribution for industrial users

MIKES develops techniques and guidelines for calibration of propagation asymmetry in PTP-WR time links & carries out field-tests.

More information: Anders Wallin, tel. +358 50 415 5975, anders.wallin(at)vtt.fi

Project website: http://empir.npl.co.uk/write/