TrafoLoss: Loss Measurements on Power Transformers and Reactors

2018–2021       Improving the efficiency of grid power transformers and reactorsTrafoloss_Pixabay_hockenheim-844452_1920_cut.jpg

Improving devices dealing with large amounts of energy (e.g. grid power transformers) could significantly save costs & reduce energy waste.

Project establishes highly accurate loss measurement systems for transformers and reactors and develops prototype devices that significantly reduce measurement uncertainty.

Project actions:
WP1: Advanced industrial Loss Measurement System (LMS)
WP2: Primary reference setup for calibration of industrial LMS
WP3: Uncertainty evaluation of loss measurements

VTT MIKES develops new high-accuracy inductive and capacitive voltage dividers with 230 kV & 100 kV measurement ranges, respectively.

More information: Jussi Havunen, tel. +358 50 590 6536, jussi.havunen(at)

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