STELLAR: Stable isotope metrology to enable climate action and regulation


2020–2023     Methods to reveal the origin of the major greenhouse gases CO2 & CH4CO2_www.jpg

To support governments verifying emissions and demonstrating national reduction targets, discrimination between the natural and various manmade sources of greenhouse gases is needed. This requires accurate measurements of baseline concentrations and contributions resulting from emission events.   

Project fills a traceability gap in the measurement of the isotopic composition of carbon dioxide and methane by providing a new infrastructure.

Project actions:
WP1: Next generation carbon dioxide isotope ratio gas reference materials
WP2: First time isotope ratio gas reference materials for d13CH4 and d2H–CH4
WP3: Advancing optical isotope ratio spectroscopy for carbon dioxide and methane

VTT MIKES upgrades and improves the precision of its field deployable spectrometer for measurements of carbon dioxide isotopes in atmosperic conditions and methane isotopes of an emission source.

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