SIQUST: Single-photon sources as new quantum standards

2018–2021      Improved single photons sources to accelerate quantum technology innovationSIQUST_logo.png

Single-photon sources are necessary for several fields of quantum technologies; e.g. quantum metrology, quantum computing, and quantum communications.

Project develops new absolute standard radiation sources based on single-photon emitters and the necessary metrological infrastructure.

Project actions:SIQUST iStock_000045982622_Medium_cut.jpg
WP1: Single-photon sources as new quantum standards
WP2: New materials and concepts for single-photon sources
WP3: Indistinguishable and entangled photons based on single-photon emitters
WP4: Measurement infrastructure for metrological characterization of single-photon sources

VTT MIKES develops pulsed excitation lasers for single-photon emitters and customised optical excitation schemes for single-photon sources.

More information: Aigar Vaigu, tel. +358 511 0112, aigar.vaigu(at)

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