SI-Hg: Protocols for SI-traceable measurement results of elemental and oxidised mercury concentrations


2020–2023     Efforts to control and reduce mercury in environmentPipe_Medium.jpg

Mercury poses one of the greatest direct threats to human, animal and environmental health across the globe. Robust, defensible and traceable measurements of mercury concentrations are essential to control and reduce the concentration of mercury in the environment, meet the obligations of legislation and to protect human health.

Project develops protocols for SI-traceable calibration, evaluation and certification of mercury gas generators used in the field.

Project actions:
WP1: Development and validation of a traceable certification protocol for elemental mercury gas generators
WP2: Validation of certification protocols for oxidised mercury gas generators
WP3: Performance evaluation of elemental and oxidised mercury generators

VTT MIKES evaluates the performance characteristics of existing mercury gas generators, develops a certification protocol for mercury gas generators and participates in comparison measurement of mercury measurements.

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