Real-K: Realisation of the redefined kelvin

2019–2022    Bringing the new kelvin into reality while extending the life of current scales

In the redefined SI, the kelvin is defined in terms of a fixed value of the Boltzmann constant. Thus, practical methods to realise the kelvin in different temperature ranges need to be developed.

Project aims to turn the redefinition of the kelvin into a reality by developing primary thermometry for temperatures over 1300 K and below 25 K and to extend the life of the currently defined scale to allow time for primary methods to develop.

Project actions:Real-K.png
WP1: Realisation and dissemination of the redefined kelvin above 1300 K
WP2: Realisation and dissemination of the redefined kelvin below 25 K
WP3: Extending the life of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90)
WP4: Facilitating full range primary thermometry

VTT MIKES develops and fabricates new Coulomb blockade thermometers (CBTs) optimized for the temperature range 1–25 K and demonstrates the dissemination of the kelvin by CBT in cooperation with an industrial partner.

More information: Ossi Hahtela, tel. +358 50 303 9340, ossi.hahtela(at)