PhotOQuanT: Photonic and optomechanical sensors for nanoscaled and quantum thermometry

2018–2021         Mesoscopic sensors for temperature measurementPhotOQuanT_logo.png

There is a growing need to make temperature measurements at smaller scales. However, currently available thermometers cannot meet this challenge.

Project develops optomechanical sensors for temperature measurement at nano- and microscale. The ultimate goal is to develop a reliable quantum standard for temperature metrology.PhotOQuanT.png

Project actions:
WP1: Design, fabrication and material optimization of photonic and quantum optomechanical devices
WP2: Investigation of device materials for functional optimization
WP3: Photonic and optomechanical read-out techniques
WP4: Metrological validation of photonic and optomechanical thermometers

VTT MIKES builds, characterises and validates a setup for temperature measure­ments using photonic sensors and develops calibration procedures.

More information: Ossi Hahtela, tel. +358 50 303 9340

Project website: