NanoXSpot: Measurement of the focal spot size on X-ray tubes


NanoXSpot_logo_medium_resolution.png2019–2022     Enabling component inspection to the nanometre scale

The measurement performance of new X-ray systems that can inspect component dimensions down to the nanometre scale depends on the focal spot size and shape. However, no standard method exists for spot sizes below 5 µm.

Project develops new standard practices for characterising X-ray focal spots down to 100 nanometres with high levels of accuracy.

Project actions:
WP1: Development and investigation of different measurement principles for focal spot size
WP2: Dimensional metrology of nanometre gauges
WP3: Simulation and numerical algorithms for spot size image evaluation
WP4: Validation of the developed measurement method

VTT MIKES identifies strategies for measurement of different gauge structures and performs SEM measurements on nanometre gauges.

More information: Virpi Korpelainen, tel. +358 50 410 5504,