Nano- and micrometrology

Nano- and micrometrologyReliable dimensional nano- and micrometer scale measurements have an ever increasing role in industry, especially in the semiconductor industry, where diminishing the component size is a constant goal. Moreover, in many industrial fields nanoparticles are used to improve the properties of products, examples of such products include paints, lotions, lubricants, protective clothing, among others.

In order to ensure the reliability and comparability of nano- and micrometer scale measurements, they must be traceable to the SI units. An interferometrically traceable scanning probe microscope has been developed for nanometer scale measurements and calibrations at MIKES.

We also develop methods and devices for characterization of nanoparticles and for traceable and more accurate measurements of dimension smaller than nanometer.

Research projects in this area

  • Traceable measurements for dimensions smaller than nanometer
  • Traceable measurement of mechanical properties of nano-objects.
  • Characterization of nanoparticles.​