MultiFlowMet II: Multiphase flow reference metrology

2017–2020          Reliable flow measurements for subsea oil and gas production

Field measurements in subsea oil and gas production exhibit high measurement uncertainty costing industry billions of Euros in financial exposure and production inefficiencies.

Project aims to achieve a significant network of reference metrology laboratories for multiphase flow that provide reliable harmonised test methods and intercomparable measurements.

Project actions:
WP1: Intercomparison specification, design and instrumentation build
WP2: Intercomparison testing programme
WP3: Supporting research and modelling
WP4: Analysis and conclusions

MIKES produces a thorough set of test matrices and protocols for intercomparison multiflow tests and updates the uncertainty calculation protocol.

More information: Mika Huovinen, tel. +358 50 415 5974, mika.huovinen(at)vtt.fi

Project webpage: https://www.tuv-sud.co.uk/uk-en/about-tuev-sued/tuev-sued-in-the-uk/nel/members-area/european-metrology-research-programme/multiflowmet-ii