Metrowamet: Metrology for real-world domestic water metering


​2018–2021     Assessing and calibrating domestic water meters close to real-world conditions

To meet present-day demands for accurate metering, domestic water meters need to be tested in real-world operation conditions.

Project aims at creating infrastructure to enable an integral characterization of domestic water meters close to real-world operation conditions.

Project actions:Metrowamet.png
WP1: Infrastructure to assess domestic water meters under dynamic load changes
WP2: Metrology to assess the performance of domestic water meters under realistic operation conditions
WP3: Smart monitoring of small flow rates
WP4: Virtual flow meter

VTT MIKES will set up and validate a test rig for dynamic load changes and test commercial in-use domestic water meters with the rig. MIKES also participates in developing a virtual flowmeter which will allow to assess metering quality for typical European operation conditions and periods.

More information: Sari Kuure, tel. +358 40 515 9342, sari.kuure(at)

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