MetroDECOM II: In-situ metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities

2017–2020          Protecting society from the hazards of legacy nuclear sites

In near future, one of the most significant environ-mental challenges facing EU member states is how to ensure the safe disposal of radioactive waste from decommissioning nuclear sites.

Project provides validated methods for measuring radioactivity on site, for segregating and checking wastes and for monitoring the condition of wastes.

Project actions:
WP1: Metrology for rapid radionuclide characterisation of materials on decommissioning sites
WP2: In situ validation of measurement system and method for waste pre-selection and free release to the environment
WP3: Validation of a waste characterisation system for low and intermediate level radioactive waste
WP4: Repository monitoring

MIKES develops a fully portable automatized laser spectrometer for on-line on-site monitoring of gaseous radiocarbon CO2 and CH4 emissions.

More information: Guillaume Genoud, tel. +358 50 511 0065, guillaume.genoud(at)

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