MetAMC II: Metrology for airborne molecular contaminants II

​2018–2021     Improving product quality and reducing losses in clean room production

A key challenge facing semiconductor industry is production losses due MetAMC2.pngto Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) in the form of vapours & aerosols that affect microscale manufacturing.

Project develops spectroscopic techniques and reference materials to measure priority AMCs at lower concentrations and faster rates than is currently possible.MetAMC II Micronova_clean_room_2_cut.jpg

Project actions:
WP1: Spectroscopy – Instrumentation 
WP2: High accuracy reference materials to underpin measurements of priority AMCs
WP3: Demonstrating the project output in an industrial setting

VTT MIKES develops and characterises a trace gas analyser allowing simultaneous sensing of HCl, NH3 and HF at the nmol/mol level.

More information: Timo Rajamäki, tel. +358 50 573 2823,

Project website: