Met4Wind: Metrology for enhanced reliability and efficiency of wind energy systems

​2020–2023          Reliable measurements for assuring quality of wind energy systemsMet4Wind_clipped_www.jpg

Mechanical components of wind energy systems are exposed to the highest loads. Torques of up to 20 MN m act on the blades and are transmitted to the drivetrain components. Reliable verification of manufacturing tolerances is a critical part of quality assurance.

Project enhances the reliability and efficiency of wind energy systems by ensuring traceability for measurements on their mechanical components.

Project acrions:
WP1: Optical and multi-sensor measurement systems for mechanical components of WES:
WP2: Measurement and evaluation methods for surface and material properties of industrial drivetrain components
WP3: Digital Twin for metrology enhanced reliability validation
WP4: Digital in-line metrology for improved rotational accuracy and manufacturing for operating conditions

MIKES performs form measurements on shafts and bearings, measurements on surface texture of involute gear flanks and develop traceable measurements for bearing and rotor geometry

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