LaVa: Large volume metrology applications

2018–2021     Improving large-scale dimensional measurements for manufacturing

Ability to measure size, location, orientation and shape of large objects is a critical requirement in many high value industries.

Project delivers a range of improved, reliable and accurate measuring systems for operation as large volume metrology tools and integrates these into a factory coordinate metrology network.

Project actions:
WP1: Improvements to metrological capability of frequency scanning interferometry
WP2: Novel techniques for medium and large volumes
WP3: High accuracy refractive index for factory volumes
WP4: Digital process modelling, interfacing & demonstrator integration
WP5: Traceable industrial large machine tool metrology 

VTT MIKES develops advanced methods for tracking moveable or static objects and a spectroscopic method to measure
effective temperature along an optical path up to 50 m in industrial conditions.

More information: Jeremias Seppä, tel. +358 50 410 5503, jeremias.seppa(at)

Project website: