IMPRESS 2: Metrology for air pollutant emissions

2017–2020          Methods to support European regulations for air pollutantsimpress-logo.png

To enable full enforcement of new EU directives with increasingly stringent emissions limits for key air pollutants, a metrologically robust framework of standardised measurement methods is needed.

Project develops and validates reference methods for several key air pollutants including HF, NH3, PM, formaldehyde, SVOC, OGC, PAH.

Project actions:
WP1: Enforcement of IED and MCP ELVs and Next Generation Techniques
WP2: Biomass Combustion Emission Measurements
WP3: Flow Uncertainty and Impact on Annualised Mass Emissions

MIKES develops a field-capable analyser based on optical isotope ratio spectroscopy for online stack emission monitoring of CO2.

More information: Ville Ulvila, tel. +358 50 511 0109, ville.ulvila(at)

Project webpage: