GIQS: Graphene impedance quantum standard


2019–2022    New and easier to use quantum standard for electrical impedance units

There exists a clear need for a shorter and easier traceability chain of impedance to quantum standards, available and affordable for all NMIs, calibration centres, and industry.

Project develops enabling technology for the practical realisation of electrical impedance units (ohm, farad, henry) in the revised SI.

Project actions:GIQS.png
WP1: Graphene devices for AC-QHE application
WP2: Digital- and Josephson impedance bridges for the realisation of capacitance
WP3: Graphene AC-QHR with digital and Josephson impedance bridges

VTT MIKES develops technologies needed for AC operation of a graphene quantum Hall resistance standard and a Josephson voltage standard together in a cryocooler.

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