GeoMetre: Large-scale dimensional measurements for geodesy


2019–2022    Improving the traceability chain in geodetic length metrologyGeoMetre_logo.png

Novel scientific concepts and field-capable devices are needed for SI-traceable large-scale dimensional measurements, e.g. in monitoring changes in sea level, retreating ice sheets and long-term tectonic motion.

Project develops a robust and accurate frame of reference for reliable geodetic monitoring.

Project actions:
WP1: Innovative instrumentation for dimensional metrology in geodesy
WP2: Earth-bound SI-traceable validation of SLR and GNSS
WP3: Enhanced local tie metrology at GGOS space-geodetic core stations

VTT MIKES develops a field-capable spectroscopic long-range thermometer, since accurate air temperature measurements are crucial in improving distance measurement uncertainty.

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