FutureEnergy: Metrology for future energy transmission

2020–2023     Metrology for high voltages to maintain grid efficiencyFutureEnergy_wwwjpg.jpg

The increased integration of remote renewable generation has driven transmission levels to ever higher voltages in order to maintain (or improve) grid efficiency. High voltage testing beyond voltage levels covered by presently available metrology infrastructures is needed to secure availability and quality of supply.

Project provides traceability for testing and calibration of components for future electricity grids and improves means for HVDC grid condition monitoring.

Project actions:
WP1: UHVDC calibration and testing
WP2: Lightning impulse voltage calibrations for UHV testing
WP3: Voltage dependence at HVAC
WP4: HVDC grid condition monitoring

VTT MIKES leads the design of reference voltage dividers for 1200 kV and 1600 kV and develops methods for lightning impulse voltage calibration.

More information: Jari Hällström, tel. +358 50 382 2127,