Fundamental metrology



CC4C: Coulomb crystals for clocks

2018–2021   Atomic clocks to meet growing industry need for accurate time

PhotOQuanT: Photonic and optomechanical sensors for nanoscaled and quantum thermometry

2018–2021   Mesoscopic sensors for temperature measurement

SIQUST: Single-photon sources as new quantum standards

2018–2021   Improved single photons sources to accelerate quantum technology innovation

3DNano: Traceable three-dimensional nanometrology

2016–2019   Traceable calibration services for 3D nanometrology

e-SI-amp: Quantum realisation of the SI Ampere

2016–2019   Realisation and dissemination of the future SI ampere

InK2: Implementing the new kelvin 2

2016–2019   Primary thermometry for the redefinition of the kelvin

OC18: Optical clocks with 10–18 uncertainty

2016–2019   Future primary frequency standards

PhotoLED: Future photometry based on solid-state lighting products

2016–2019   Supporting the change from incandescent lamps to LED lamps

QuADC: Waveform metrology based on spectrally pure Josephson voltages

2016–2019   AC voltage measurement systems for industrial end-users

 Academy of Finland

SA_QuMOS: CMOS-Based On-Chip Platform for Quantum Technologies

2015–2019   Enabling the large-scale integration of quantum devices

GEPOS: Geophysical laboratory and observatory infrastructure of FIN-EPOS

2015–2018   A fibre link to transfer coordinate universal timeMetsähovi observatory