Reliable and comparable measurement methods are needed, for instance, for measurement of emissions from new technologies and for observation of climate change in order to achieve continuous growth in a sustainable way.

Moreover, ever stricter environmental regulations, emissions trading and insistance on better energy efficiency with smaller emissions all impose their own demands on measurements. In many fields, measurements and especially their traceability are still in early phases of development. Moreover, in many environmental measurements methods capable of detecting very small concentration levels of species over long time periods are needed.

At MIKES methods based on optical spectroscopy are researched and developed for the detection of environmentally harmful species at trace levels in air or liquids. Furthermore, more accurate and traceable measuring devices for aerosol particles and humidity are under development.

Research areas

  • Development of measuring devices for gaseous impurities in ambient air
  • Development of measurement methods for particle emissions of motor vehicles
  • New transfer standards and reliable methods for atmosphere measurements
  • Establishing a spectral database based on traceable measurements in order to improve the reliability of climate models
  • Development of devices for traceable measurements of pressure, temperature, humidity and air speed in order to improve the quality of climate models
  • New methods and devices for measuring gaseous emissions in disposal of nuclear waste​