Energy and natural resources


2020–2023   Testing processes to ensure high reliability of wind power production

2020–2023   Reliable measurements for assuring quality of wind energy systems

2020–2023   Metrology for high voltages to maintain and improve grid efficiency

2020–2023   Improving reliability of high voltage electricity grids

2018–2021   Metrological framework for biomethane quality assessment

TrafoLoss: Loss Measurements on Power Transformers and Reactors

2018–2021   Improving the efficiency of grid power transformers and reactors

Biomethane: Metrology for biomethane

2017–2020   Metrological framework for biomethane quality assessment

LNG III: Metrological support for LNG and LBG as a transport fuel

2017–2020   Facilitating the large scale roll-out of LNG and LBG as fuel

MultiFlowMet II:  Multiphase flow reference metrology

2017–2020   Reliable flow measurements for subsea oil and gas production

UHV: Techniques for ultra-high voltage and very fast transients

2016–2019   Metrology to support standardisation in ultra-high voltages

ElPow: Metrology for the electrical power industry

2015–2018   Test methods for high voltage to increase the efficiency of electricity grids

MN·m Torque: Torque measurement in the MN·mrange

2015–2018   Improving torque testing conditions for the wind energy industry

TEKES, Challenge Finland

Efficient and safe identification of minerals – real-time intelligent methods

2016–2018   Improving automatic mapping of minerals using hyperspectral imaging