New metrology solutions developed for energy production and use can result in considerable economic and environmental benefits. The demands for better energy efficiency with smaller emissions at production plants as well as at sites of energy use have increased the need for more accurate, reliable and traceable measurements. Metrology also has an important role in developing more efficient exploitation of fossil fuels and in solving the challenges that the development and increase of renewable energy sources, smart electrical grids and electric-vehicle traffic may bring about. Quantities that play an important role in this context are electric power and energy, temperature, pressure and flow, among others.

Research projects in this area:

  • Replacement of natural gas with alternative and renewable gaseous fuels
  • Development of methods and devices for harvesting of energy wasted as heat and vibration from human and environmental processes
  • Smart electrical grids
  • New metrology for HVDC transmission of energy (HVDC = high-voltage-direct-current)
  • Development of technologies and methods to increase the efficiency of power plants.​