DynPT: Development of measurement and calibration techniques for dynamic pressures and temperatures

​2018–2021     Improving the reliability of measurements in rapidly changing conditionsdynpt_logo_1.png

Pressure and temperature measurements in dynamically changing conditions are inaccurate, as sensors calibrated under static conditions do not behave similarly in rapidly changing environments.

Project will develop traceable calibration methods for dynamic pressure and temperature sensors for use within industrial settings.

Project actions:DynPT.png
WP1: Improved measurement standards and calibration methods
WP2: Influence of process conditions
WP3: New measurement methods and sensors for industrial applications

VTT MIKES develops measurement standards for dynamic pressure as well as a dynamic pressure sensor and characterizes it in a maritime engine.

More information: Sari Saxholm, tel. +358 50 410 5499,

Project website:  https://dynamic-prestemp.com/