Coordinate measuring machines

Is your product a success – ask our co-ordinate measuring machine

Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are used to measure large as well as small objects for the demands of research, manufacturing and defect localisation, among others. MIKES has an optical coordinate measuring machine and a high-accuracy industrial size contact probe coordinate measuring machine, which measuring range is 1000 mm x 900 mm x 600 mm and maximum table loading 800 kg. The contact or rather sensing measurement method examines the workpiece according to given instructions. The contact resembles the touch of a small nugget. Since the base length measurement tolerance of the machine is as good as 350 nm, the heat expansion has to be taken carefully into consideration: one degree change in temperature may result to a tenfold error compared to the measurement tolerance. Therefore, the temperature stability of the workpiece as well as of the device is crucial for these measurements.

The coordinate measuring machine can be used to measure for instance roundness, distance between individual points, angle between two planes. To all of these measurements MIKES has also a more accurate measuring device. However, coordinate measuring machines have an important role in the management of entity to which MIKES offers the most accurate measurements of large workpieces in Northern Europe.