CC4C: Coulomb crystals for clocks

2016–2019          Atomic clocks to meet growing industry need for accurate timelogo_nw3.png

Optical clocks are the most precise measurement devices available. However, further improvements are needed to extend applications e.g. in communication, navigation and science.

Project investigates laser-cooled trapped ions in Coulomb crystals as a reference for next generation of optical clocks of highest accuracy.

Project actions:CC4C.png
WP1: Structure and dynamics of Coulomb crystals
WP2: Spectroscopy and sympathetic cooling of Coulomb crystals
WP3: Controlling collisions in ion clocks
WP4: Thorium ion source, ion trapping and spectroscopy   

VTT MIKES studies theoretically and experimentally laser cooling of strontium and thorium ions.

More information: Thomas Lindvall, tel. +358 50 443 4108,

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