Biomethane: Metrology for biomethane

2017–2020          Metrological framework for biomethane quality assessment

There is an urgent need to increase the amount of biomethane as natural gas resources are declining. To meet the requirements of biomethane quality specifications traceable test methods are needed.

Project develops standardised test methods and reference standards for the parameters (mainly impurities) to be monitored when injecting biomethane into the natural gas grid and using it as vehicle fuel.

Project actions:
WP1: Measurement standards for VOCs
WP2: Measurement standards for corrosive components and compressor oil
WP3: Standardised test methods for biomethane

MIKES will develop a setup for dynamic preparation of gas mixtures in air and biomethane containing simultaneously H2O, NH3, HCl or HF.

More information: Timo Rajamäki, tel. +358 50 573 2823, timo.rajamaki(at)vtt.fi

Project webpage: http://empir.npl.co.uk/biomethane/