Metrologia Journal Highlights of 2014

Researchers of VTT MIKES metrology were main authors in an article* on inter-laboratory comparison on number concentration of nanometre-sized particles that was selected among the best articles published in Metrologia during 2014. These articles were selected for their presentation of outstanding new research, valuable reviews of the field, receipt of the highest praise from our international referees, and the highest number of downloads from the journal website.

The concentration of nanometre-sized particles is frequently measured in terms of particle number concentration using well-established measuring instruments. The accuracy of these measurements is seldom known very well as the traceability of measurements to the SI units is poor or lacking. In the article, results from the first comprehensive inter-comparison of different particle number concentration standards were reported. In the comparison, held at Tampere University of Technology, participated eight laboratories from seven countries and the analysed results agreed within about ±3%. As a result, a solid metrological basis for particle number concentration measurements worldwide was established for the first time.

*Richard Högström, Paul Quincey, Dimitris Sarantaridis, Felix Lüönd, Andreas Nowak, Francesco Riccobono, Thomas Tuch, Hiromu Sakurai, Miles Owen, Martti Heinonen, Jorma Keskinen and Jaakko Yli-Ojanperä, First comprehensive inter-comparison of aerosol electrometers for particle sizes up to 200 nm and concentration range 1000 cm−3 to 17 000 cm−3, Metrologia 51, 293–303 (2014).

Additional information: senior scientist Richard Högström,, tel. +358 (0)50 303 341