Contacting coordinate measurements

The 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) at VTT MIKES is a Mitutoyo Legex 9106 with portal structure. The properties of the coordinate measuring machine include accuracy, flexibility, speed and automatic counting of measurement results. Further information on this machine can be found in Table 1.  

   Legex-koko2.jpg     Legex-skannaa.jpg     kappaleen kiinnitys HR.jpg  
Left Mitutoyo Legex CMM, middle Surface Measure 201FS laser head and right an example of attachement of a sample.

The true measurement uncertainty is always case-specific and depends on the environmental conditions, on the machine, and on the properties of the work piece. We pay special attention in our working on surface cleanliness, temperature, mounting, alignment, measurement arrangements, and on the documentation of results.

We offer the following services:

  • custom measurements of 3D-workpieces and difficult workpieces
    • scanning with a contact probe or optically with a laser head 
    • digitising point clouds 
    • measurements of NAS workpieces
    • measurements and calibration services for freeform implants
  • various calibrations of measurement devices
    • rulers
    • surface plates
    • gauges
    • cones
    • squares
  • calibration of transfer standards for CMMs 
    • step gauges
    • ball cubes and plates 
    • reference pieces.               


Main properties of the CMM.  

​Property ​Data
Performance checked according to ISO 10360-2:
   – maximum error in length measurements
   – maximum 3D contact deviation
   – maximum error in scanning measurement
MPEe = (0.35 + L /1000) µm, L = mm
MPEP = 0.35 µm
MPEthp = 1.4 µm
​Scanning error using laser measuring head
(According to Mitutoyo's acceptance procedure 1σ/sphere measurement, probe alone)
​1.8 µm
Scales​Mitutoyo Zerodur scales with floating mounting, resolution 0.01 µm.
Travelling length​X-910 mm, Y-1010 mm ja Z-610 mm

Contact probe

Laser measuring head

​Renishaw indexing head, PH10MQ Renishaw SP25M contact and scanning probe.

Surface Measure 201FS
​Software​Mitutoyo COSMOS software:
– Geopak-Win geometry program
– Statpak-Win geostatistical analysis for quality control
– Scanpak-Win form measurement program 3Dtol-Win/MCAD300 
   comparison with CAD models and importing CAD data
MiCat programming tool
MSurf ja M-Surf Planner laser scanning programs
​Measuring force​0.03 N…0.09 N
Maximum workpiece mass​800 kg
​Diameter of probe0.3 mm…30 mm​



In addition to laser and dimensional measurements carried out during commissioning, the coordinate measuring machine is regularly calibrated with our own measurement standards such as step gauges, a ball plate and a laser interferometer. As a result of the calibration, all error sources of the coordinate machine are detected and are known. The measurement uncertainty and traceability of the measurement results are verified in each case separately using so-called substitution method, i.e. the results are corrected using the results of a calibrated standard. Moreover, the excellent performance of the coordinate measuring machine is verified in an international key comparison [1].        

  1. Toshiyuki Takatsuji et al, Final report on APMP regional key comparison APMP.L-K6: Calibration of ball plate and hole plate, Metrologia 51, 04003 Technical Supplement (2014).


  • Pasi Laukkanen, Research engineer, tel. 050 382 9674, email pasi.laukkanen(at)
  • Veli-Pekka Esala, Senior Research Scientist, tel. 040 866 7636, email veli-pekka.esala(at)

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