Calibration of time, time interval, and frequency

MIKES is responsible for the traceability of time, time interval, and frequency in Finland. MIKES time laboratory maintains the official time in Finland with an uncertainty of 10 ns in relation to the coordinated universal time (UTC) and national frequency with a 1•10-13 relative uncertainty. The reference standards for time and frequency are one caesium atomic clock, four hydrogen masers and several GPS receivers. Finland participates in maintaining of the UTC with its five reference standards through GPS based time comparison.

Calibration services

We calibrate e.g. GPS receivers (frequency), oscillators, time interval counters, stopwatches, stroboscopes, and optical tachometers. The frequency range is 1 mHz to 5 GHz. We make time interval measurements according to customer’s need, with a lower limit of approximately one nanosecond. Furthermore, MIKES has a transmitter for time code and precise 25 MHz frequency for those near the Helsinki metropolitan area who need precise time and frequency.

​NTP - network time service

Computer clocks can be synchronised with the national time in Finland maintained by MIKES by using Network Time Protocol, NTP. The achievable uncertainty depends on network connections but it is around one millisecond at its best. MIKES maintains NTP ser-vers subject to charge for institutions and companies. We have four servers of the highest level (stratum-1): two of them are synchronised directly to MIKES atomic clocks and two to GPS receivers. Moreover, we control two public NTP servers that are locked to MIKES servers. These servers are available free of charge for public use.

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