Nanometrology at VTT MIKES


Services and competences in nanometrology

VTT MIKES has extensive expertise in nanoscale measurements. The main advantage of these measurements at VTT MIKES is the traceability and reliability of the measurement results. Moreover, we always provide realistic uncertainty estimates for the measurements and our calibration services are internationally accepted.

Solving customer problems often requires more versatile know-how than only performing single measurements. Problem solving contains for instance answering the following questions: What is the problem? What method would it take to solve it? What level of precision is required? At VTT MIKES, we have a wide range of different measurement methods available in the nanometre and micrometre range to solve the customer problems.

The size of customer projects varies from individual measurement services to customer-funded research projects and large co-financed research projects. For larger research projects, we can help with applying for funding (e.g. Business Finland) or we can put together a bigger consortium to solve the problem (EU H2020).

Services in the nanometre scale at VTT MIKES

​Services at nanoscale:​ ​Services that are near nanoscale:
​AFM  (atomic force microscopy) – Basic surface profile measurement
– Metrological AFM (MAFM) for    calibration of transfer standards
   for high-accuracy measurements
– EFM (Electric Force Microscopy)
– Measurements in liquids
​White light interference microscopy

– Surface profile measurement
– Surface roughness
– Measurement of film
   thickness (~XX µm)

​– AFM
– DLS (Dynamic light scattering)
​​Stylus profilometry​– Surface profile
– Surface roughness
​Scatteromety ​– Laser diffractometry for gratings​Flatness interferometry
​SEM measurements


Research projects in nanometrology

VTT MIKES participates actively in national and international nanometrology research projects. Currently, three projects are ongoing and a couple of applications are waiting for funding decision.

Ongoing and finished
research projects in nanometrology.

Objectives Finished
​– Development of large scale AFM
– Coordinated by VTT MIKES


​– Development of calibration standards based   
   on DNA nano-origami structures in co-
   operation with Aalto University
​– Traceable methods to determine
   the focal spot size in XCT
​– Humidity controlled chamber for MAFM
– Studies on how different humidity conditions 
   affect AFM measurements            
– Studying mechanical properties of nanowires 
   in co-operation with University of Helsinki
​– Standardisation of concentration
   measurements of extracellular
   vesicles for medical diagnoses 
   (in co-operation with  EV-core)
​– Development of calibration methods for
   Stroposcopic Scanning White Light Interference
   (SSWLI) microscopes in coperation with 
   University of Helsinki               
​– Development of scatterometry measurements
​– Traceability to measurements below one 
   nanometre by refined optical interferometry 
​– Bringing traceability to nanoparticle
   measurements (AFM)
– Methods for traceable measurement of number 
   density of nanoparticle (SCAR) in co-operation 
   with Tampere University of Technology


  • Virpi Korpelainen, Senior Research Scientist, tel. +358 50 410 5504, email Virpi.Korpelainen(at)  


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