VTT MIKES offers calibration services in the following fields:


Procedures to follow when sending equipment for calibration to VTT MIKES

Before delivering equipment to VTT MIKES, the customer must contact VTT MIKES to arrange the calibration and the time it will be performed. An accompanying letter including detailed information about the calibration, i.e. scales to be calibrated, measurement points, etc., must be included with the equipment. In addition, contact information, invoicing address and delivery address should be provided. The preferred method for returning the equipment should be given, also. The standard way of returning the calibrated equipment is in the customer’s package and if separately requested shipment insurance can be taken out (the cost of the insurance is paid by the customer). VTT MIKES is not responsible for any damage that may take place during transportation. In the calibration assignments, the general terms of contract of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland ltd are followed where applicable.

New calibration services for

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